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What We Do…

We know that no two people or problems are ever alike, which is why our sole purpose is to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Senior & Specialty Move Management

Whether it’s a lifestyle change or Personal requirement – our solutions are client-centred and we have the expertise, resources and approaches to save money, time, reduce stress and produce quality results.

With our ‘can do’ attitude – we always find a way to bring that sigh (and smile) of relief for our clients.

How Do We Do It?

Life’s journeys can often be road-blocked by the overwhelming lists, exhaustive requirements, and lack of time or personal mindset.  So we always:-

PLAN: Either in advance with a Map the Way or immediately with your personalised Journey Plan.

EXECUTE: We perform the required solution to your client-centred plan

SETTLE: We then ensure you are settled and most of all are stress-free

Senior or Specialty Move 

If you are planning on downsizing, moving or transitioning in the future – then we would highly recommend a Map the Way first. We can always provide a Journey Planner and moving checklist to ensure your relocation is easier and less stressful.


Personal Concierge solution, it’s for those who understand the value of having someone else do your tasks, when there is simply not enough time in the day, or be that responsible Enduring Power of Attorney or Guardian.

Our Solutions

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Lifestyle Change
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Personal Concierge
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Senior Move Manager

“We hold everything together when it feels like it could come undone”

Getting to Know Us

ne: Solutions

Behind every resolution at ne: Solutions is the experience and unshakable positive attitudes of Jay Shaw and Bianca Briggs.  So, if you want to be sure something is done, and done on time, there’s no better organisation or ne: team of people to ask.


The ne: Approach

The ne: mantra is to always obtain clear instructions on tasks, targets and time constraints; and then thrive on working miracles for people and anticipate what is needed, even before you do.


The ne: Expertise

Jay & Bianca have a combined 40 years of international experience within a variety of industries; including Business Support, Project Management, Nursing and Dementia Assistance.  Both have gained the clarity and spirit to overcome all life challenges, handling everything with speed and efficiency, and never dropping standards on quality.


The ne: Synergy

Working as a tight ‘family’ unit, the team at ne: provide support for all clients.  Their greatest satisfaction is to see the look of relief on your face, knowing you have one less thing to worry about.




The ne: Ideology

ne: Solutions possess a passion for assisting people.  Using the skills of all their team, the company is dedicated to supporting the success and happiness of people, whilst existing to be a time-saving solution who always exceeds client’s expectations.


The ne: Promise

ne: Solutions response to any client will always be “No Problem, consider it done”.  From there on we work tirelessly to achieve the right solution through to satisfaction saving you time, health and emotional stress.


Questions & Answers

business support

Business Support


What solutions/services can you provide?

  • We offer services/solutions for all aspects of running a business. So you can concentrate on what’s important.  Whether that is building, developing or working in your business.


Can you support a range of business types or only some in particular?

  • We have a professional team with a wide variety of industries.


What’s Virtual Business Support?

  • Your business fully supported by a WA based team without the need for hiring and training.
  • The added bonus:-
    • No sick leave, holidays, superannuation, workers compensation payments
    • No office space required
    • 100% productive days – we guarantee 100% support
senior housing

Lifestyle Changes


What’s a Senior Move Manager?

  • As WA’s only Senior Move Managers we are professional in providing assistance to older adults/seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of decluttering, downsizing and transitioning.


I just need help sorting and decluttering stuff after the death of a loved one?

  • Just connect with us and a Lifestyle Change Coordinator we’ll be right there for you. We ensure that the process is easy and stress free.

I’m in hospital and want to downsize?

  • Our SMMs assist clients wherever they may be and with whatever support is needed. Planning to downsize can start whilst in hospital, through to completing the move for you before you come home.
Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge


What exactly is a Personal Concierge and what do you do?

  • A Personal Concierge handles all those jobs or errands you’ve been putting off or simply don’t have the time to do. It’s like having your very own PA on call 24/7.


I live overseas/interstate and would like to use your Personal Concierge services, can I do this? 

  • Connect with us through email or phone and consider it done – our interstate and international client’s call us for numerous requests all the time.

I would love to give your time as a present, is this possible?

  • Our ne: Time Gifts are great for gifts – with a 2 hour minimum purchase and valid for one year  – we can even send it for you too!
1800 ne solution (1800 637 658)
+61 8 6555 7785


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