Senior & Specialty Move Manager

Downsizing or moving after retirement or into aged care home is not always an easy decision, but with the help of a Senior & Speciality Move Manager it can be so much easier.

Especially if you are alone or have family that are unable to help.

Together with the thought of leaving the family home with all the associated memories, the stress and questions can mount up.

How am I going to cope?

Who will help with the packing?

These and other important decisions begin to affect your health and wellbeing.

With a Senior & Specialty Move Manager® moving into a smaller home is easier, as we take care of:
  • Decluttering and downsizing
  • Deposing and donating
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving and settling in
  • Administration and financial
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Staging and selling property

Clients become our immediate family

We highly recommend you begin your journey with our unique Map The Way 90 minute discussion, which can shape and simplify the route you wish to take.

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Client Situation: No Close Family Support

Wes had been living in a shared assisted living facility when he had to go into hospital and was unfortunately advised he could not go back home upon his release. Wes was moved straight into a high dependency care unit, but became worried about his personal effects and belongings.

He was no longer allowed to drive, his best friend was 90 years old and could only handle smaller personal items, and his estranged family were on the East Coast.

The Solution:  Senior Move Management

Wes was beginning to get quite upset with not having his things around him, which wasn’t good for his health.  Then AdvoCare referred him to NE Solutions.

  • Map the Way Process – The first step was to set up a meeting to discuss Wes’s situation and his needs. This discussion gave the Senior Move Manager an immediate overview of his requirements and situation.
  • Journey Plan – Wes and his Senior Move Manager discussed his Journey Plan, to which he confirmed the job and the plan was diarised.
  • Assistance – As Wes was unable to walk/stand for long periods, the ne team organised EventsCare to provide personalised assistance, which meant that Wes could attend his previous home with his Senior Move Manager and team, whilst ensuring his medical and  personal needs were met.
  • Decluttering– Together with Wes the ne team went through each room to confirm which items he would like to take, what could be sold, disposed or go to charity.
  • Downsizing – Wes and his Senior Move Manager went through each item and box, using our Goes – Sold – Dispose process.
  • Inventory– The team then photographed and completed an inventory of his belongings, before carefully packing them into the appropriate boxes.
  • Removal – All boxes and furniture were packed in to the truck, and those items Wes had requested urgently, were delivered to his room at the Braemar facility.
  • Space-planning– The team then assisted Wes with some minor space management of his furniture and left only what boxes he felt he could handle to unpack himself.
  • Storage– Due to the minimal space in Wes’s room, and the quantity of items to go through – most boxes were placed into storage.  Each week his Senior Move Manager delivered a few more boxes to unpack, and remove items that he wanted to further disposed/donated.
  • Selling– Wes needed to sell his car, so once we received permission and witnessed requirement by lawyer – the team purchased a new battery, cleaned, advertised, organised the best price sale and arranged the necessary paperwork.
  • Profitable Disposal– Throughout the time Wes was sorting and downsizing his items, the team would gather everything together and organise the profitable sale of the items through different media.
  • Charity – Other items that the team were unable to sell were passed on to charities, either chosen by Wes or nominated by our team
  • Legal – During the initial Map the Way discussion it was discovered that Wes did not have a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Guardianship or Advanced Health Directive – which are important documents.

As every one of our clients automatically become part of the NE family, we were very pleased to hear that during the drafting of his Will, Wes reconciled with his children and was delighted to discover he had become a grandfather.

The ne: team and Wes contact each other regularly to catch up on news and see how he is doing.


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