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Moving can be stressful – no matter how much time you have spent in your current home.

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ne Removal Solutions provides client centred services for:
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  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving and settling in
  • Residential Removals
  • Commercial Removals
  • Furniture Removals
  • Pet Relocation
  • Deceased Estate

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Client’s Situation – Relocation Interstate

A family of four were relocating from Perth to Queensland. Mr W was signed off from work due to ill health and had taken on the responsibility of caring of the two young children while Mrs W was trying to organise the move and running her own successful business at the same time.

Mrs W started feeling extremely overwhelmed and was beginning to panic. Not only due to the pending departure date, but it coincided with an increase in the workload of her business.

6 weeks out – Mr & Mrs W was referred to NE Solutions for a Map the Way and much needed help.

Through the Map the Way process – their Lifestyle Change Coordinator established what they wanted to achieve, what needed to be accomplish to reach their destination within the time period, as well as covering areas that had either been missed or they had not considered.

The LCC drafted their Journey Planner – with specific daily and weekly milestones – that needed to be achieved and actioned over the 6 week period.

This was so Mr & Mrs W didn’t feel overwhelmed, and still fit everything between their busy work and personal life.

Mrs W felt immediately the immense relief with their personalised Journey Planner – because it made it all look achievable and placed it on the family notice board to keep tracking their progress – as well as provide a countdown to their new adventure.

The Solution

As Mr & Mrs W were working on a budget, they decided on the ‘shared drive’ option of Journey Planner.

This is when their Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator and the NE Solutions team helped during the journey by undertaking some of the tasks.

Their LCC was responsible for co-ordinating the property viewings, selling items and researching prices to transport the family dog.

The plan stated when to declutter, advertise and sell items, with additional milestones on when to lock in a QLD rental property.

One of their initial concerns was not being able to find a rental property over in Queensland – as most property agents do not provide an application unless someone has physically seen it. Their LCC advised that this could easily be co-ordinated either with a QLD Personal Concierge or if they had a friend who could view the properties which Mr & Mrs W had found online.


When clients are working within a budget and decide to share the ‘drive’, some find that without professional assistance or advice it can ultimately cost more. For example:

  • Having a container packed by a professionals – everything should fit in.
  • Choosing to pack the container themselves, mean a number of items had to be either disposed or shipped separately.
  • Selling Car(s) – make sure to advertise these at the beginning of the journey, this allows greater opportunities of selling – and research last minute options as a back-up.
  • One of the first rules of packing is to ensure all important documentation is kept either on the person or the last thing packed in a container – so you don’t go searching for it when you reach the destination.

Due to the cars not being sold by the time of their departure and needing them till the last minute – NE Solutions was able to arrange storage for disposal and their LCC drove Mr & Mrs W with the children to the airport in the evening.

Our client departed Perth with  “Thanks for always being there!