Senior & Specialty Moves

Our Senior & Specialty Move Managers are always available, during some of life’s more challenging moments.

General Removals/Transitiondown the road, interstate or international

Moving after Divorce/Separation – and third party witness

Retirement & Aged Care Relocations – decluttering and downsizing to a smaller dwelling

Managing the estate after the death of a loved one.

Property Management and services

We are the professionals when it comes to:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Decluttering and downsizing
  • Storage and disposal
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Staging or co-ordinating with the realtors
  • Administration and organising

Other areas we’ve assisted clients and families with:

  • Packing and sending
  • Inventory of property
  • Digitising photos and files
  • Secure disposal/shredding
  • Professional sale of coins/antiques


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Client’s Situation:

Patricia and Peter are both in their 70s and were living in their respective family homes of 30 years.  After raising their families, gathering heirlooms and memories over the years, they came to realise that all of their combined belongings were probably not going to fit into one house!

With their new property purchased and being renovated, it seemed they had plenty of time to declutter before their moving dates.  So at their own pace they began the arduous task of sorting through their belongings.

Peter was a hoarder of paper – he has a lot of emotion attached to old documents and newspapers.

Whilst Patricia had already connected with ne: solutions in July 2013 to assist with some of the major de-cluttering in preparation for staging the home for viewings.

Before long their new home was ready, Peter placed his house on the market, again thinking he had time to complete the decluttering process.  But it sold within a week and he had moved lock, stock and 60+ boxes to the new house.

In January 2014, Peter connected with ne: solutions and time was of the essence.  Patricia had accepted an offer on her house the previous November, however she had been in hospital since December and the buyers were keen to complete.

The Solution:

A Senior & Specialty Move Manager (SMM) was dispatched to evaluate the situation of Patricia’s home as she had not lived there for over 5 months.

We found that the following solutions were required:-

  • Disposal of all food and waste material, including vegetables that had taken seed!

    Vegetables Taking Root!
  • Inventory of all rooms and contents of cupboards/drawers with corresponding photographs.
  • Discussion with Patricia at the hospital of inventory.
  • Decision on moving, selling, storage or shipping to other family/friends
  • Disposal of any rubbish and contents left after the removal
  • Cleaning of the vacant property for settlement and completion of handover.

Within the new home Peter had been physically unable to go through his items and unpack, due to hospital visits, the stress; as well as the reluctance to throw anything out.

It had all started to affect his health.   Many of the rooms still had boxes and piles of items just dumped in them; and as is the case of two homes becoming one, many items in Patricia’s inventory were duplicated with Peter’s.

The SMM and most importantly with Peter’s participation in the process, undertook the following solutions:-

  • Shredding of any papers/documents not wanted
  • Disposal of any expired food, rubbish, items that were duplicated but in poor condition
  • Disposing or selling of furniture and fixtures not required
  • Tidying up rooms and unpacking of boxes
  • Clearing the rooms and pathways for Patricia’s eventual arrival back home, and possibly in a wheelchair.

With the decluttering and downsizing complete, Patricia and Peter are now finally settled in their new home with both sets of belongings.

We understand that with any house move there are still a few things to do which require the personal touch.  But nevertheless, they were very happy that most of the strenuous and time consuming work to complete the lifestyle change had been completed.