Divorce & Separation

Going through a divorce or separation is never easy – it can be one of the most traumatic life changes you go through.

Add together the emotional upheaval of having to move out, divide furniture and belongings, the stress can become too much to handle and will affect your health and wellbeing.

With a Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator, who understands the physical and emotional challenges, we can support you through the whole process.

We are often referred by lawyers, because our team can fully support you with:
  • Creating a fully documented inventory of items
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Moving and Settling In
  • Be an impartial third party witness
  • Administration
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Staging and Selling Property
  • Organise additional support
  • Map the Way to a new life

A Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator is someone who can work with you, other parties and directly with lawyers, to make a difficult transition a lot easier.

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If you are considering divorce or separation then we highly recommend reading “The First Steps Through Separation & Divorce”, which is written by our good friend Christine Weston of Divorce Resource.

Client Situation – Third Party Witness & Removals

Whilst overseas on a business trip Mr. D receives a letter from his wife’s lawyers advising him of proposed divorce proceedings and upon return was required to leave the marital home.

The conditions stated that he had to remove his belongings while a third party was present.


The Solution:

Referred by his lawyers to NE Solutions – his Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator accompanied Mr D to the family home to witness the removal of essential items – and at that point did not participate, except where it was required to physically remove the boxes to his car.

During the time within the family home, we shadowed Mr. D to observe any interaction or verbal communication with his wife. Consequently our client was able to remove his essential items without any confrontation between both parties.

Four months later, whilst our client was on another business trip, we received an email instruction to prepare to remove the rest of his belongings from the marital home. This required collection of keys from a courier service, sourcing a local storage facility to move the belongings into and our team being placed on standby for the ‘go’.

Six months later we were requested by Mr. D to recall a conversation that was held on a specific subject matter.  As his Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator had written up a report on what took place, they were able to advise Mr. D that what was specifically said, so that the matter could be resolved quickly and without further opposition from the other party.

Being a neutral third party allowed the process to move forward smoothly during a very stressful time for all parties. The emotional health and wellbeing of our client was at the forefront of Mr. D’s Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator and we were more than happy to wait for him to make the decision without any additional pressure.

Subsequently, we have continued to assist Mr. D. with:-

  • Complete packing, removal and storage or the rest of his personal items
  • Moving items into new rental accommodation
  • Continued Storage of items
  • Moving of office
  • Assembly of Furniture