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Summer and the school holidays are a great time to declutter your home and have a thoroughly good clean out.  With the numerous gifts from Christmas you may need more room and storage space.

So open the doors and windows and not only ‘get rid’ of the excess items in your home, but work off a few of those extra calories from the Christmas holiday season.


Check all areas and all items
Check all areas and all items



– Go through your entire home, every cabinet, shelf and cupboard

– Check all the storage and junk drawers, don’t forget the shed and garage

– Look at all the furniture, do you use it, need it?




When you’re finished and you have seen just how much ‘stuff’ you don’t want, then it’s time to on how to dispose of it – you may consider a Garage Sale or a Car Boot sale.

Both are a great way to move items on, but just sometimes a Car Boot sale can pull more customers if advertised right!

 Here are a few tips to make sure you have a very successful Garage or Car Boot sale:-



  1. Pick a date that doesn’t conflict with special events/holidays
  2. Advertise online, Gumtree & Facebook are free, or Great Garage Sales make sure you have the following details in your online adverts:
    1. Address
    2. Start and finish times – best to have early
    3. Photos of ‘big ticket’ items, to draw people in
  3. Neighbourhood advertising, place ‘garage sale’ boxes in prominent areas pointing to your house. (Remember to collect them after, or the Council may come calling!)
  4. Large items should be prominently displayed in the driveway/on the lawn to attract possible buyers as they drive up.
  5. Tables – more the better, it saves peoples backs crouching down to rummage.
  6. Spare change with a selection of notes and coins – kept in a safe place.
  7. Have a minimum of two people, you never know, there could be a rush!
  8. Plastic bags, leftover shopping bags are perfect – people will buy more if they can easily carry.
  9. Wash, and sort clothes, hang-up if you can, or fold neatly in sizes.
  10. Group items in price ranges, divide the table into areas and put up prices for that area, i.e., $5-10
  11. Engage customers when they come, a simple ‘good morning’ is a great start.
  12. Remember, you don’t really want to put unsold items away again, so be flexible with prices.



  1. Check out who is holding it, the location, how are they advertising it.
  2. Do your own advertising online, place an advert on Gumtree, or Facebook with the details. The more people that come the better.
  3. Find out what time you can arrive to set up, you don’t want to be setting up as prospective clients rummage.
  4. Pack items the night before, you don’t want to be loading the car at 5am!
  5. Remember to take sunscreen, food and drinks!
  6. Have an extra person to help you, you may need a break and they can help keep an eye on your goods.
  7. Take a couple of large tables, and chairs, your feet will thank you.
  8. Spare change with a selection of notes and coins – kept in a safe place.
  9. Plastic bags, leftover shopping bags are perfect – people will buy more if they can easily carry.
  10. Group items into price ranges, but be flexible, you don’t want to take items home!
  11. Hang up clothes if you can, they will look nicer, lay items out in an appealing way, it needs to attract customers.
  12. Be friendly and engaging, people are more likely to buy from you if you are polite and upbeat.


Remember if you just want to enjoy your summer but don’t want the hassle of decluttering – then consider life-sourcing your declutter tasks to us – your professional Lifestyle Change Coordinate, we can even do the car boot sale for you too!


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