Introducing ne: Solutions

Introducing ne: Solutions

Everyone has problems, to-do lists and life’s responsibilities. Many people are time-poor, don’t have the expertise, emotional or physical strength to handle them – which is where we come in. We understand your struggles, and work with you to solve your problems quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective way.

We know that no two problems are ever alike, which is why our sole purpose is to provide solutions to meet your personal needs.

No task is taken lightly; in fact we treat every issue with a ‘can do’ attitude and always find a way to bring that sigh (and smile) of relief for our clients.

We are in the real people’s business and everything we do is confidential and handled with the utmost privacy and discretion, at a premier level of professionalism, which always puts you, your family or business first.

All of our solutions are client-centred and personalised to meet your needs.  We have the expertise in resources and approaches to save money, time, reduce stress and produce quality results.

We specialise in almost every life responsibility you may face.

So what do we really do?

Well, as our name suggests, we live to handle and solve problems; any problem in life that takes time and can affect your health and well-being.

Our Lifestyle Change solution is the shoulder to lean on during some of life’s more challenging moments.  We are the professionals when it comes to facing those physical and emotional aspects of relocation, decluttering, downsizing to a smaller dwelling, going through a SeaChange, or managing the estate after the death of a loved one.

We are also accredited Senior Move Managers® who specialise in assisting older adults and their families. We recommend you begin your journey with the unique ne: solutions Map The Way 90 minute discussion, which can shape and simplify the route you wish to take.

Business Support solutions are for commercial clients, large or small; who need administrative personnel support when there is no time or people to spare.  We can handle ad-hoc or provide regular support depending on your personal requirements. Whether to organise a task from start to finish; any assistance required, which we can complete virtually, remotely or on-site; manage office or facility services; declutter and organise your office; that year’s worth of filing – in fact any challenge which confronts business operations.

Supporting all of our time-poor clients is the Personal Concierge solution; it’s for those who understand the value of having someone else do your tasks, when there is simply not enough time in the day.  We call it ‘life-sourcing’ your to-do lists, urgent or emergency needs or just assistance when you need more time to breathe and enjoy your life.

“We hold everything together when it feels like it could come undone”

Getting to Know Us

ne: Solutions

Behind every resolution at ne: Solutions is the experience and unshakable positive attitudes of Jay Shaw and Ken Macleod, the Directors of this family owned and run business.  So, if you want to be sure something is done, and done on time, there’s no better organisation or ne: team of people to ask.


The ne: Approach

The ne: mantra is to always obtain clear instructions on tasks, targets and time constraints; and then thrive on working miracles for people and anticipate what is needed, even before you do.


The ne: Expertise

Jay & Ken have a combined 40 years of international experience within a variety of industries; including Business Support, Project Management and Operations.  They have both gained the clarity and spirit to overcome all life challenges, handling everything with speed and efficiency, and never dropping standards on quality. Together with the ne: Team, they proactively work towards a client’s goals, providing solutions and delivering them seamlessly and always on time.


The ne: Synergy

Working as a tight ‘family’ unit, the team at ne: provide support for all clients.  Solutions and saving time are the team’s goal. Their greatest satisfaction is to see the look of relief on your face, knowing you have one less thing to worry about.




The ne: Ideology

ne: Solutions possess a passion for assisting people.  Using the skills of all their team, the company is dedicated to supporting the success and happiness of people, whilst existing to be a time-saving solution who always exceeds client’s expectations.


The ne: Promise

ne: Solutions response to any client will always be “No Problem, consider it done”.  From there on we work tirelessly to achieve the right solution through to satisfaction saving you time, health and emotional stress.


Questions & Answers

business support

Business Support


How can we help you?

  • We focus on the biggest problems you are currently facing and suggest personalised solutions to assist.

What solutions/services can you provide?

  • We all about providing support for business, to let you concentrate on what’s important.  Whether that is building, developing or working in your business.

Can you support a range of business types or only some in particular?

  • We have a professional team with a wide variety of industries.

What’s Virtual Business Support?”

  • Your business fully supported by a WA based team without the need for hiring and training.
  • The added bonus:-
    • No sick leave, holidays, superannuation, workers compensation payments
    • No office space required
    • 100% productive days – we guarantee 100% support

What’s your hourly rate?

  • The rates start from 15 minutes to any amount of time, connect with us to see which one suits your needs.

Do you have packages available?

  • We certainly do – from ad-hoc, monthly or annually – or anything in between, we work with you and your budget.

My job is urgent – how quick can you help?

  • Yesterday? But seriously – we work to your schedule/deadline.
senior housing

Lifestyle Changes


How is the cost of the service determined?

  • All Lifestyle Change solutions are packaged base, so you can pick and choose what you want and to fit your budget, whilst being guided by your Lifestyle Change Coordinator or Senior Move Manager ®.

What’s a Senior Move Manager?

  • Our team are accredited Senior Move Managers who are experts and professional in providing assistance to older adults/seniors and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of decluttering, downsizing and transitioning to a retirement home or aged-care facility.

Are there any hidden charges?

  • Nothing is ever hidden; we are always open and informative.  Third parties or purchases made on your behalf would be the only additional charges.

How long will it take to complete the job?

  • Usually after the free one hour consultation your Lifestyle Change Coordinator or Senior Move Manager are able to estimate the amount of time needed to complete the solution.

I just need help sorting and decluttering stuff after the death of a loved one?

  • Not a problem, just connect with us and a Lifestyle Change Coordinator we’ll be right there for you. We ensure that the process is easy and stress free; because we understand that without some help it could take longer than it needs to be.

I’m in hospital and want to downsize?

  • Our Senior Move Managers assist clients wherever they may be and with whatever support is needed. Planning to downsize can start whilst in hospital, through to completing the move for you before you come home.

I’m overseas and want you to be ‘me’ for my parents?

  • We understand completely, having a close family support network is always important. Our Lifestyle Change Coordinators can be your immediate local ‘family’ and stay regularly in touch with you.

Personal Concierge

Personal Concierge


What exactly is a Personal Concierge and what do you do?

  • A Personal Concierge gives you more time for yourself or family, by doing those jobs or errands you’ve been putting off or simply don’t have the time to do. We can help organise your life, streamline your time – it’s like having your very own PA on call!

How will I benefit from having a Personal Concierge service?

  • Where do we start……..time, health, happiness, more time, freedom, family, well-being……we could continue?

I live overseas/interstate and would like to use your Personal Concierge services, can I do this? 

  • Connect with us through email or phone and consider it done – our client’s call us for numerous requests from over east or overseas.

How can I pay?

  • You can pay by credit card, BPay or Bank Transfer – the only thing we don’t accept are cheques in the post!

As a Personal Concierge can you handle any request?

  • Pretty much yes – provided it’s legal and ethical. .

Is my Personal Concierge available after office hours?

  • Yes we can be 24/7 – as is often the case with life’s challenges they don’t always come at a good time.

I would love to give your time as a present, is this possible?

  • Our ne: Time Gifts are great for anyone whether it’s a busy business owner, senior member of the family wanting to move or time-poor hard to buy for person! With a 2 hour minimum purchase on Personal Concierge and 4 hour minimum purchase for the Business Support or Lifestyle Change Solution; all ne: Time Gives are valid for one year and we can send it for you too!
1800 ne solution (1800 637 658)
+61 8 6555 7785


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