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Have you or someone you know had a call from a scammer recently? Did you know they were a scammer? If not be sure to have some form of Scam Protection knowledge.

Unfortunately these type of calls seem to be on the increase lately – and many unsuspecting people are being fooled by there’s a problem with your software or computer”, and “they need access or information to rectify the problem – free of charge”  It may sound like great Customer Service, but if they ask for personal and financial information – DO NOT PROVIDE ANY DETAILS.

No reputable institution either financial or otherwise will do this – and no one should be fooled into thinking so.

If you are not sure about the legitimacy of the call – here are a few steps to follow to protect yourself:-

1) Ask for a reference number

2) Call back on a trusted number (ie. use phone book or Google the company details)

3) Check online or subscribe with the Scam Alert service :

4) Hang up!

5) If they call again – blow a whistle or just hang up again


They will get the hint!


With our Virtual Solution, we answer our client’s company phones and receive many types of scam/sales calls.  But the scammers soon realise the ne: team are trained not to provide details or be sucked into thinking its real.

NE: has the added advantage with our Contact Telephone software, in that we are able to see straight away the caller ID, who they are, all received call records and notes on how the Operators handled each call.

Funnily enough even after our polite “no thanks/not interested” – they do call back 15 minutes later – in the hope of reaching some other unsuspecting person on the other end.

You may not have the ne: buffer so please stay protected and also make sure to share the information above to your friends and family.


Wishing you safety in all that you do!


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