Kerbside Collection

It is kerbside collection time in the area, and you can believe us when we say it’s just amazing what people will throw away. While there are many broken and worn out items sitting on the verge, there are a lot of other things put outside that could have been sold or donated. Thankfully with kerbside collection time come several waves of recyclers who make good use of what we tip out.

First to go is the good stuff (of course). The next wave of recycling goes to the people who are looking for specific things – usually for spare parts or things that can be reconfigured into other things. What is left unfortunately ends up in landfill.

Unfortunately for the residents in most council areas (certainly here in WA) they are an annual event. So what do you do if you have larger items that need to be disposed of before your kerbside collection date?

Thankfully there are a couple of options for you to consider.

Charity organisations (Op Shops) will collect some of the larger items. With a couple of exceptions – they will not take electrical goods and the items have to be in good condition. Pick up the telephone and call your charitable organisation of choice and advise them you have things to collect. They should give you a rough time / date, and then all you need to is to leave the items on the driveway or better still under the carport or in the garage. Make sure you leave a note to say which items are to be taken and you can rest assured that your generosity will help not only the charity organisation, but the new owners as well.

On the rare occasion that the Charity does not want your second hand items (and yes even they can be choosy) there are still ways to recycle those things you don’t want.

Gumtree – allows you to post a free ad, you can post items on Facebook (there are a number of pages you can join to buy, sell, donate or swap what you do or do not want or need), or you can “Freecycle” your stuff.
Go to your search engine of choice and type in the words Freecycle Perth, you will see a huge list of organisations that list items people want to give away. If you are looking to give your no longer needed items away and would prefer not to involve a charity organisation, this may be the way to go.

Kerbside collection time is a great reminder to declutter homes and offices, but you don’t have to wait until then to get stuck into the process. If you have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years and feel overwhelmed with the idea of decluttering your home start with one area. Start with the cupboards or drawers.

The NE: process we use is
• Goes – to someone else, either directly or through a charity organisation or via services such as Frecycle
• Sold – Is it still in good condition? Then why not recoup some money on it.
• Dispose – These are items that belong in the bin or saved for the verge collection


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