Can you handle the BS without losing it?

Working for yourself now – did you think that the BS wouldn’t follow?

Your business is growing, but the BS is mounting up and starting to hit the fan.

Your family suffer from your BS, and it’s beginning to drive a wedge between you and your loved ones.

Are you ready to scream “ENOUGH – I can’t take all this BS anymore”?

You’ve probably already handed off some of the BS – Business Support – but there are still plenty of other Business Support tasks you do yourself; because you don’t think you can afford to delegate.

As a small to medium business owners trying to juggle/manage all the key operational Business Support tasks throughout the day – no wonder you think there isn’t enough hours in the day!

Business Support is one of the crucial aspects of running a business, yet seems to always be the last tasks delegated.

Business Support covers multiple small departments within your company from;

Customer Service – Administration – Logistics – Transactional – Facility Management –

Customer Service:            

This is the first point of contact – from answering the business line, emails, online media enquiries – and any other form of communication that customers contact you for your services/products.

How much of your billable time in a day or night do you spend on this?


Actively managing enquiries, quotes, meetings, advice, bookings – following up on sub-contractors, suppliers, employees – filing (yep we still have both paper and cloud based filing).

It may be considered ‘menial’, but professional administrators could probably do it in half the time it takes you.


Not all businesses have assets such as vehicles, equipment, employees, products, supplies – but they still need to be managed and monitored.

How much of these do you complete during the family/free time hours.


Bet you’ve outsourced your bookkeeping – well it is one of the first tasks to be delegated.  But do they generate invoices, debt collect, communicate with your client database on offers/specials/reminders?

Facility Management:

For those that own/rent premises – this can be a headache – whilst your own home is probably being neglected (have you cleaned your gutters recently?)


So don’t take anymore BS – seriously look at areas of your business that you should or want to let go of; because it might just save your life from hitting the BS fan!

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