Business Support


What is Business Support?

Whether you are a large or small business – having more hands can mean more business!

Are you growing but don’t have the time to hire and train?

Maybe wanting someone to help you with that big project right now?

Or just need to relieve the pressure – by someone else answering the phone – so you can actually do the work!

Then our Business Support Solution is the answer!

We handle all types of office and administration work that is required to assist in running a business – whilst you spend time on what you enjoy or need to do – to grow your business further.

Whether you are looking for a virtual assistant, a personal assistant or an Office Manager? – We can do ne: thing.

Lost and not sure which direction to go in – maybe a Map to guide your way could help?

Is Business Support Expensive?

We truly understand you are looking for a cost effective solution to grow – yet you need to choose the best Business Support solutions for your requirements.

That’s why we offer various packages to suit all levels of budgets and business requirements.

Our client-centred approach gives you value for money and staff that are available to work at the times you choose.

Yes – this is what I need

Whether it’s 2 hours, 5 hours or 40 hours per month that you need to free up – with our diverse and expert administration team as your staff – you will see your business grow and wonder why you didn’t get a Business Support team sooner!

We’ve supported many clients with:

  • Virtual Receptionist/Contact Centre
  • Administration and Calendar Management
  • Accounts / Bookkeeping
  • Compliance (WHS and HR)
  • Data Entry / Document Control Management
  • Facility / Office Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics / Travel / Entertainment
  • Management Systems
  • Sales / Customer Service
  • Social Media / Online Presence

Our client base is varied:

Business Support required for: SME Business Growing Quickly

Kyoto Design is a boutique hardwood and aluminium screen design & manufacturing business, based within Western Australia.  With business rapidly growing since the initial conception on Brad & Michael’s farm in 2013; and now with an established display section in Homebase and a factory outlet in Landsdale, the screens were flying out of the doors.

However, with the growing business, the two man team found themselves constantly in meetings, answering phone calls and emails; whilst never truly getting on top of everything.  Things began to slide and sales opportunities were being lost.

The company had outsourced business support services using a ‘virtual answering’ company, however they did not appear to provide a satisfactory service and not quite enough work for a full time Assistant, they were referred to ne: Solutions to see if we were able to provide them with a higher standard and quality of Virtual and Business Support.

The Solution: Virtual & Business Support

Through our Connect Call Software, ne: answers all sales calls in Kyoto’s company name; as well as diverted mobiles when Kyoto team are in meetings or just need quiet time.

ne: Solutions team respond to customers, new and existing, through a specially designed script.  When handling calls, the ne: team are responsive to the customer’s needs and answer with the knowledge as if we worked solely for Kyoto.

Kyoto Design are already receiving positive feedback from their customers, and the team are beginning to concentrate on other areas of business development.


Within our Virtual Support package is the development of any written processes to assist the ne: team in their duties; which ultimately becomes the Client’s documentation should they hire employees directly.  ne: supports our Client’s through the development of their Procedures & Processes to ensure that their administration and CRM actions are seamlessly integrated; whilst also being able to train and develop direct hire staff.


The Situation: SME Family Business Operated From Home Office

Andrew runs a typical small family business, with his son assisting on the job and wife taking on the role of administrator and working out of a spare room ‘office’ in their family home.  Appropriately furnished with desk, shelf upon shelf of files, storage for parts of their trade, phone with answer machine and multi-function printer.

They had successfully run the business together for a number of years, with Andrew and son out at client’s sites, whilst Mrs Andrew answered the phone, emails and daily administration side of things during the day.

During 2011 Andrew and his wife separated and she moved out of the family home, which left Andrew trying to cope with the jobs during the day and administration in the evening.

From the start up of the business all invoices were created and diligently recorded in excel spreadsheets.  However, with a regularly increasing turnover, it was becoming a lengthy process to manage the books, issue invoices and stay on top of receivables.

After about a month of sitting in the ‘office’  to very late in the evening, tackling the detailed reports and issuing the invoices, returning emails in regards to quotes and job confirmations and staying on top of the filing – Andrew turned to the internet to seek an Administrator to jump into the breech, that’s when he connected with ne:.

The Solution: Off-site Business Support

We sat with Andrew for his free one hour consultation to discuss the areas in which he was seeking support with.  During our discussion we recommended that he may wish to consider the benefits of specialised financial software such as MYOB or Xero.  This would simplify and streamline the process of issuing invoices, reconciling payments and bank statements, and of course have reporting capabilities to see how the business was growing, at his fingertips.

Andrew agreed that MYOB would be a useful tool for his business, and we arranged implementation and entry of all data since the beginning of the financial year (luckily it was only September!).  We provided a monthly solution package that he could draw upon the time when required, with on-site support or collecting the work and completing off-site.

Since 2011, our Business Support team have also de-cluttered and organised his home office to be more streamlined; archiving documents not required and taking up valuable space. Purchased, installed and transferred data over to a new desktop computer and upgraded the printer to handle the larger volume of work;  and implemented necessary external hard drive back up capabilities, which was an Accreditation condition.  We correspond with third parties on Andrew’s behalf, order stationery which is delivered directly to his home office and even take him to pick up his car when it’s in for a service.

We have provided basic training in excel formulas, and formatted word documents so they are easily amended and professionally presented.  Nevertheless, it has been an ongoing challenge to find time for Andrew to undertake some MYOB training, but that’s what a successful growing business can do to their owners – they simply run out of time.

Andrew has also utilised our Personal Concierge solution when time was running out but he wanted to book hotels and flights for that well earned vacation.

ne: continues to support Andrew on a monthly 12 hour solution package and we have become part of the company’s Accreditation requirements.  When Andrew moved to a new ‘smaller’ home office, we changed the procedure to place more jobs and documents in a shared cloud location, thus reducing the need to be onsite at his office, and only attending when specifically requested.


When ne: team members either initially sit with or begin to work closely with a client, we always endeavour to pre-empt any solutions and accept additional duties outside the initial brief.  As is our mantra, when we see a Client struggling, our aim is to turn those stressed sighs into ones of relief  – allowing the strain and worry to be released.

The Situation: Company with a Two Man Team

In 2012 Mr. Adkins owned and operated, with his Business Partner, a growing Perth based logistic company that they had  successfully built up over a period of three years.  As with many start ups, both gentleman were wearing multiple corporate hats from truck driver – administrator – finance manager to business development.

However, with the sheer volume of work and running out of hours in the day – a few things started to slip through the cracks – the main and most important slip was invoicing!

Their accountant got in touch with ne: to undertake invoice data entry into MYOB.

It should only take a couple of days!

We contacted Mr. Adkins immediately and arranged a meeting – during which the situation became a lot clearer – this task was going to take more than a couple of days!

Detailed invoices dating back four months (roughly 3,000) were to be entered – printed to PDF – supporting documentation scanned and inserted within the PDF invoice – printed  – then issued via email to their customers – with read receipts.

So we equated for each invoice the time from creating to sending would be approximately 3.5 mins.

3000 invoices @ avg. 3.5 mins ea = 10,500 mins

10,500 / 60 mins = 175 hrs

175 / 8 hrs (day) = 21.87 days

Approximately – 3 weeks work – or a couple of days and some!

The Solution: Onsite Business Support

Mr. Adkins agreed that the time for creating an invoice was about right, we advised that one Business Support team member could be full-time on-site for three weeks to clear the backlog.

However, because of our consultation we now understood just how busy the business was and realised that just completing the 3,000 was not going to tackle any current or future invoices.  So  we recommended that it may be beneficial to utilise the same Business Support resource to issue recent job invoices, so attacking all invoices from both directions, thus truly bringing them up to date.

After four weeks and nearing the end of the assignment, and having first hand experience on how Mr. Adkin’s business was developing and growing, we discussed that there was a sufficient work load to consider hiring a part time administrator.

I don’t want any Administrator, I want your Business Support team, you are there 100% of the time and pre-empt my requirements –  so I don’t have to think!.

The Solution 2:  ne: happily assigned an on-site Part-Time Administrator for 2.5 days per week under an annual contract; which soon developed into a full-time position and the role grew with the business.

We have continued to support Mr. Adkin’s business through the departure of his Business Partner, first employees, development of different business avenues – with Office Management, Facility Management, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Payroll, Operations and implementing policies & procedures.  No matter whether it was finding a part of a truck, delivering documents to a customer, being a sounding board for ideas or anything else Mr. Adkins threw at us; the ne: team gladly took everything on and delivered the best solution possible, to his greatest delight.


ne:  supports growing businesses, and are always happy to see our client’s grow successfully.     We aim for them to succeed!”