What’s the weirdest Christmas Gift you have ever received or given?

Whilst doing the annual family Christmas gift list, I wrote the first name down and I was already stuck!

What could I give Mom – Socks, Chocolates, Gift card?  No, no and no – it had all been done before.  I wanted something special and unique that would surprise a woman who has a very strong habit of guessing her present, even before the paper had come off.   Catalogues and store shelves were browsed and so was Google with ‘Christmas gift ideas’ but still no inspiration.

Then when I was getting desperate – an advert popped up on my Facebook newsfeed which could possibly be the ultimate surprise factor I was after. Immediately I contacted the seller and arranged a time to collect the present – Sunday 10:00 in Capel (which if you don’t know is between Bunbury and Busselton).

The timing was perfect, my mother would be travelling up from her home in Denmark to visit, and granted she would be receiving the gift early; I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.

So on a sleepy eyed Sunday morning I jumped into the car to start the 2 hour drive to Capel and upon arrival I could see the present was absolutely perfect.  Quirky, strong, durable and absolutely adorable, if this didn’t surprise mum I don’t know what could.

When I returned and being so excited with the anticipation of mom’s arrival and the fact her present looked so perfect in my backyard, I was almost tempted to keep it for myself!

Mum had been messaging me all week trying to guess what her present was – even without the gift paper she still tries.

Finally Mum arrived, she was blind folded we made our way out the back.

1, 2, 3 – Merry Christmas!

The look on her face was priceless; I had finally achieved the ultimate gift surprise that she had always previously ruined.

So what did I buy a lady that could guess any present?

I bought her a cow of course….called Lilly

Lilly the Cow
With Sarah McDonald


By: Sarah McDonald

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2 Responses to “Don’t Follow The Herd When it Comes to Christmas Gifts”

  1. Cathie Macleod

    Wow! Hope my sons don’t get any ideas! Actually she looks quite like Molly, one of our cows when I was a kid. What a great idea!

  2. Alison Abel

    You got me for sure this time, Lilly is now home with us and has many admirers she is beautiful. Thank you so very much, proud of you. Xx

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