Are all members of your team au fait with every aspect of the business you run? Cross training personnel is important during periods when staff are:

  • On holiday,
  • On personal or carers leave; or
  • Sick

While cross training can take some of the stress away during these times, it can be difficult to remember every aspect of every role, especially if there are multiple aspects to a particular job.

So what happens then?

Are you able to step into their shoes to keep things running smoothly in your office or will things have to be delayed until they return?

Accidents and illness can strike at any time, so it’s important to plan ahead.

We had this happen to us recently.  One of the team developed laryngitis and was suffering with a nasty head cold and ended up having a week off work.

Businesses don’t and can’t stop because someone is sick – and with a Business Management System in place, the team were able to carry on providing excellence in customer service to all our Business Support Clients. The urgent and important things got done; the important and nice to have completed tasks were put on the back burner until the entire team was back on board.

So what is a Business Management System?

In simple terms it is a set of instructions on how to complete each task that makes up your particular role.

They can be typed instructions, with screenshots, video or voice recordings.  Once they are written by the person whose job it is – they are then passed on to another team member to test, and amend if necessary. As the job changes, as technology changes – so do the BMS.

As NE Solutions provides Business Support to clients this was an essential part of learning about the businesses we were assisting.

Cross training, Business Management Systems and regular team meetings ensures we are prepared for ne: thing at ne: time.

Can you say the same?


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