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You’ve bitten the bullet and you’ve gone through your clothes and household items looking for things that you no longer want / need or in the case of clothes may not fit into anymore.

With any NE Downsizing and Decluttering project we assist with, we suggest having 3 distinct piles (bags, boxes or containers). These are labelled as Goes / Sold / Disposed.

Look at each item and decide which area / pile it needs to go into.

  • Goes – to someone else, either directly or through a charity organisation or via services such as Freecycle
  • Sold – Is it still in good condition? Then why not recoup some money on it.
  • Dispose – These are items that belong in the bin or saved for the verge collection

The Goes and Dispose items are easily taken care of, but what about those items that are worth something. You can sell these items through Gumtree, but it can be a time consuming process.

So is there an alternative?

Actually there is, if you are willing to give up a couple of hours – and that is taking yourself and your belongings to a car boot sale.

Our top tips and tricks for a successful car boot sale:

  1. Check out who is holding it, the location, how are they advertising
  2. Do your own advertising online, place an advert on Gumtree, or Facebook with the details. The more people that come the better.
  3. Find out what time you can arrive to set up, you don’t want to be setting up as prospective clients rummage.
  4. Pack items the night before, you don’t want to be loading the car at 5am!
  5. Remember to take sunscreen, food and drinks!
  6. Have an extra person to help you, you may need a break and they can help keep an eye on your goods.
  7. Take a couple of large tables, and chairs, your feet will thank you.
  8. Spare change with a selection of notes and coins – kept in a safe place.
  9. Plastic bags, leftover shopping bags are perfect – people will buy more if they can easily carry.
  10. Group items into price ranges, but be flexible, you don’t want to take items home!
  11. Hang up clothes if you can, they will look nicer, lay items out in an appealing way, it needs to attract customers.
  12. Be friendly and engaging, people are more likely to buy from you if you are polite and upbeat.


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    I find there is 2 things that are important when planning a carboot. No.1 finding the right carboot, and No.2 ensuring you have fun while your there. Using online carboot directories is a great way to locate carboots near you, and taking friends and family along with you is a fantastic way to make sure you have fun while you are there

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