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Outsourcing, collaborating, delegating or just handing over some aspects of your life; whether for business or personal; can actually create time whilst increasing your productivity and also improve your health and well being.  To delegate life’s responsibilities’ effectively you should consider:-

  • Separate tasks that generate more income/time than they cost to have others do
  • Selective placement of your focus and energy according to what you are pursuing
  • Keep in the cross-hairs your core activities

When outsourcing (or as we like to call it “life-sourcing”) bear the following in mind when searching for the right people to provide the solution:-

  • Do they have support, in other words does their back-up have a back-up?
  • Are their values and code of ethics/philosophy similar to yours?
  • What are you getting for your dollars? Set and manage expectations/goals/targets
  • How will they integrate into the area of your life you need them for?
  • Does the business have a solid financial and testimonial track record?
  • What staff is on-hand to provide workable solutions for you?
  • What kind of image and reputation does the company carry?
  • Are the management/staff approachable and trustworthy?
  • What is the company’s track record for the type of solution you are requiring and can they, with your involvement, improve on it?
  • Do they have the right insurance and legal requirements in place?

Easy to Find

Outsourcing areas of your life is such a fantastic and time-saving option and it’s easy to find businesses that can service all of your needs; but don’t necessarily hire the first one you come across.  Evaluation by observation, or feedback from others, is usually the best way during the selection process.  Ensure to take time to see if they are a good fit for you.  You’re probably putting some major parts of your life in their hands and this possibly could build into long-term relationship, if it all works out.

Back-Up the Back-Up

I used to be a sole trader and know that giving 100% is not always physically possible.  So if the solo’s go down – you could go down too.  Make sure that if you choose to use a sole trader; and there are many fantastic ones out there, take care to ensure it’s with a task that can wait on them being ill or having a vacation.  Otherwise look for the small businesses that have back-up plans or additional staff who back-up the primary; for those just-in-case scenarios that won’t cripple your business or cause delays in your personal life any longer that you want to.

Better than Best

The people you choose to ‘life-source’ with must be willing to continuously improve on ways and means that either you have created or be innovated in eliminating waste, in time or processes.  Just because you have given them the job, doesn’t mean you should sit back on your laurels.  With all customer service solutions you should manage your expectations and measure the conditions of satisfaction, just as you would do in any business or say a dining experience at a restaurant.  If they are the best, then your level of satisfaction should always be exceeded or at the very least measure for measure.

Any feedback for customer service businesses should always be well received, and if it isn’t – they are not open to change or listen to their clientele.

So next time you are looking for a ‘life-source’ to help you with your next project, life crisis, or an everyday need – just remember “Surround yourself with good people”.


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