If you had to go into a care facility and weren’t able to communicate what belongings you wanted, would your family know what items you couldn’t live without?

You hear the stories.

Everything is fine; you’re healthy and enjoying life. Then something happens. A debilitating accident, or a sudden and devastating illness and the world you know turns upside down.

It’s hard – not only on you, but every member of your support network is impacted as well.

After a period of time receiving the care and treatment you need in hospital, you may be lucky enough to go home again. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do just that.

Mr W had been living in a shared assisted living facility, and then unfortunately had to go into hospital. He was advised that he could not go back home upon his release, so Mr W moved straight into a high dependency care unit, but became worried about his personal effects and belongings. He was no longer allowed to drive, his best friend was 90 years old and could only handle smaller personal items, and his estranged family were on the East Coast.

In a way Mr W was lucky. With NE Solutions assistance, he was able to oversee the process of packing up his home and belongings, and over a period of time afterwards, he was assisted through the decluttering process. He could and did make the decisions over his own belongings.

Not everyone is that fortunate.

After suffering a stroke one lady was unable to say what she wanted to take with her into the care facility, and it was left to a nephew to make those decisions. He didn’t know what she really wanted to take because she wasn’t able to tell or show him. Her nephew did the best he could, but this lady only had those things he thought she wanted or needed.

How could this particular situation be avoided?

  • We recommend that you create a wish list and put it with the rest of your important papers – just in case.
  • What do you love to have around you?
  • Do you have a favourite book, china tea cup or glass that you prefer to drink out of?
  • What are your favourite clothes, pieces of jewelry, art and curios?
  • Do you have a preferred blanket or comforter you would like with you?
  • How about a teddy bear or stuffed toy?

The choice of what you take with you into a care facility should be yours. If you create a wish list and put that with your important papers, including your will – you get to make those decisions yourselves. We believe it’s better to have it and not need it than to have someone else make the decisions for you.


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