Small businesses growing from start-ups in their sole trader’s homes can soon turn into a small business with not much room in the pot for growth.

With missed new client phone calls or no time to search for staff to take some of the work load – your business can start to die rather than bloom.

Trust me I know – I’ve been there!

That’s why our Business Support solution is a perfect fertiliser.

Your business is available State wide, but your mobile is the only number on your web page.

Just add 1 part – ne: 1300 # and 2 parts ne: virtual reception solution and never miss a prospective client or order again.

Your boutique business has grown with your sweat and green thumbs – but you can’t see the blooms for the weeks of work.

Just add 1 part – ne: Virtual Administrator – 1 part – ad and watch the resumes blow in from the online winds.

Your busyness soon reverts back to a thriving business and you can take time out to smell the roses.


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