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When going through a divorce, different parts of life can begin to slide. Whether it’s physical appearance, finances, home – the stress of ‘living’ whilst handling the destruction of ‘normal’ life can mean that the ‘living’ part becomes just too much.

You don’t really see it or feel it – but sooner or later something gives.

I was sat talking to a client about some Business Support needs – when tears started to fall.  The stored up emotion from the divorce that had been finalised after 5 years, came to the surface and all the areas of their life that they felt the pressure weighing down on them, had finally reached the tipping point.

There was a shift in our discussion from that point on, as I asked what areas were the mill stones around their neck.  2 years’ worth of paperwork to be sorted and given to their accountant, the house was too much to cope with and they didn’t feel like it was a family home.

So I asked if they wanted a Map to show them the Way?  Being offered a journey plan, with milestones and tools on how they could travel to their destination of ‘moving forward’ – was like being given a lifebuoy to their sinking feeling.

It started with something really simple – putting aside one hour that evening to start on sorting the finance paperwork.  I was going to follow up by texting at the given hour as a ‘small reminder’.

Imagine my joy at the response – “Started an hour ago and have 3 piles in years and already Half Way! :-)”

It was the ‘kick up the butt’ as they were accountable to me (in some way) and knew I would be following up with them if it wasn’t done.  Even their accountant, who had been chasing for months, was in shock when they handed over all the documents the next day!

We’ve since moved on to their home and business areas too.

We understand either through personal or previous experience that we all need different travelling partners to share the journey with us.

Don’t handle life’s challenges on your own – there are so many different ways to share the load and a Map the Way is just one of them.  If you are getting stuck in the quagmire – reach out for the right support and continue your life’s journey on the easy street.

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