Is Christmas coming earlier each year – or does it seem to be just morphing into Halloween? With the ghosts and ghouls who are failing to spook us behind the tinsel and light decorations in the big stores, and Santa Chairs appearing outside the supermarkets.  Not only is the piped carols grinding on our nerves by November 5th, but that permanently annoying ticking Xmas Clock is really loud – as it counts away every day – every hour – every minute and every second reminding us what little time we have before the 25th December.

Well this year ne: Solutions is on special assignment from Father Christmas to ensure that everyone has a wonderfully happy and jolly Christmas. Because he knows you have all worked really hard and been good little girls and boys all year, so deserve a truly special gift of a Personal Concierge.

Christmas morning should be all about the excitement and anticipation of what was left under the tree, not when are you going to have the time to put the tree and decorations up.

Pantries should be full of food and yummy stuff, without having to suffer the crowds at the supermarkets

Presents should appear beautifully wrapped, without the paper-cuts and lack of Sellotape.

Father Christmas can come a little earlier for your colleagues and clients, as their special thank you presents are hand delivered by ne: elves that are available.  They also have really neat handwriting for Christmas Cards too!

Find ne: way to bring back the Christmas magic and meaning into your lives, by taking the pressure off so you don’t groan under the weight of your chores.

Re-experience the true wonderment of Christmas, as if you were a kid again – all you have to do is write a letter to:

Father Christmas

c/o ne: ‘Personal Concierge’ Solution

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