Some like it hot, and some like it not; but many are feeling the heat and humidity to be doing anything constructive, and to top it off its bushfire season too!

Although when you think of a season it shouldn’t come with such devastation caused by nature and lightning strikes on very dry vegetation; or due to a result of sheer stupidity.

In the past few days I’ve witnessed first-hand fire fighters putting out the fires caused by motorists flicking cigarette butts out of their car windows, onto dry verges and median strips.  There’s no need, I’m a smoker and always use the empty metal lollie mint tins as a mini-ashtray! Unfortunately we also have those special people who seem to delight in deliberately setting fire to vegetation, that can and has put many lives, homes and businesses on the line.  I am sure we haven’t seen the last of these kinds of fires this season, unfortunately.

A friend’s neighbour was the victim of both stupidity and laziness of another kind. With a house full of clutter and a heater set too high and too close to the mess on the floor, the firies couldn’t save the neighbour’s house, but they did save my friend’s home.  Thankfully she had taken the precaution of removing an old dead tree that bounded the two properties. That foresight and a lot of water from the fire-fighters hoses saved her house. The neighbour, well they weren’t so lucky, they survived but all of their belongings and clutter did not.

Of course they aren’t the only ones to fall victim to the fury of the flame. There was a family we stepped in to help when they too lost their home and everything they owned to fire.  Co-ordinating a pick up and drop off of donated items at the collection point.  A couple of days later we received a phone call from the father asking if we could help out once more.  Two people had kindly freecycled a sofa and children’s beds, but they had no means to collect.  It wasn’t too difficult for us to organise, with another ‘angel’ firm.  Josh Kennedy’s Small Moves picked up and delivered the items to the family.

Even with the slight relief of some rain we still have several more months of heat and potential fire risks, as we sluggishly move through yet another Perth summer.   So if you would prefer to stay inside close to the air conditioning (and why wouldn’t you?), take the opportunity to constructively de-clutter. You don’t need to do it in one go, start with something small – maybe a cupboard – that packed junk drawer or your own wardrobe.

Be sure to have boxes lined up ready –GOES – SOLD – DISPOSE.

GOES – means having 3 boxes for the item to go to another loving home such as a family member, charity shop or needs to be fixed

SOLD – means it’s worth selling via Gumtree or Garage/Car Boot Sale (see our previous tips on how to do this well)

DISPOSE – well that can only mean one thing – if it is no good to man or beast – but be sure that it can’t be upcycled or recycled before placing in the land fill.


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