Deceased Estate Assistance

There is perhaps no bigger Lifestyle Change than losing a loved one and the obligation to handle the deceased’s estate.

Whether it’s a full house or a room at the aged care home, time is of the essence, but your emotional resilience is low.  It can be hard to decide what you need to do first.

All deceased estates need an executor to handle the administration and deceased estate management.

As your Lifestyle Change Co-ordinator we have a strong commitment to those left behind, and can personally assist you with:-
  • Removal of rubbish and food
  • Full inventory (with photographs) of estate including personal belongings
  • Search and locate important documents and items
  • Professionally pack and move
  • Arrange shipments or storage
  • Process bequeath requests
  • Digitally archive photos and documents
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • General Administrative assistance
  • Property & Garden maintenance and preparation
  • Liaising with Funeral Directors, Real Estate Agents, Legal Advisors, Accountants and other 3rd Parties
  • Securing Assets

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Client Situation – Deceased Estate

Bruce has been working overseas for the best part of his adult life; his parents lived in Perth and were active and had managed to live in their own home quite happily for all those years.  He believed they had many more years left to them. Unfortunately Bruce’s mother passed away suddenly and before he could come to terms with it, his father was involved in a accident.

Bruce is an only child and his parents had older siblings scattered over Australia.  With both parents now passed, Bruce flew home to organise his father’s funeral, but due to his next work project could not stay for long afterwards to undertake the deceased estate management here in Perth.

There was a long list of things he wanted to get done, and as it was all quite personal he was going to leave it till his next vacation period.  He had thought about handing everything over to the lawyers, but felt that his parent’s house and belongings needed a more personal touch, as they had given very specific requests within their wills.

So before leaving on his next flight, Bruce connected with ne: Solutions who introduced him to his Lifestyle Change Coordinator. A meeting was arranged and they both sat down to go through the list of things that needed to be achieved to finalise estate of his parents..

The Solution:

“We are always aware during such an emotional time of losing a loved one, that when discussing a list of tasks to be completed with your Lifestyle Change Coordinator many items could be missed; that’s why you don’t have to think, just be as detailed as you can and we will fill in the gaps.  We will be in constant communication with you, to ensure everything is completed to the letter, and as quickly as possible.”

Although Bruce is a very organised and logical man, he had never handled a deceased estate before and said to his Lifestyle Change Coordinator “if I had the time, to research and do, then it wouldn’t be an issue”.  So his Lifestyle Change Coordinator took the list of tasks and added some that were missed.  Completing the process by asking relevant questions that were required, so as not to bother Bruce too much on emails.

Bruce left Perth for his destination and his Lifestyle Change Coordinator started to work through the steps to conclude the deceased estate, including:-

  • Remove food in fridge and pantry
  • General rubbish removal and garden tidy up.
  • Photographic inventory of the house and items
  • Sort through the complete house and process the requests of Bruce’s parents in regards to family treasures.
  • Simultaneously locate and secure any heirlooms, antiques, jewellery and important documentation for further instruction.
  • Digital Archiving of family photos and documents.
  • Pack up and organise storage or shipment of items.
  • Arrange evaluation of property
  • Undertake minor Property Maintenance
  • Removal and disposal of furniture
  • Communication with third parties

All the steps to complete the deceased estate administration were completed and Bruce successfully sold the family home.  With the specific instructions completed to the letter.

Because Bruce had found ne: service to be so personal and thorough, he felt like he had done it all himself (virtually!) and since returning overseas, Bruce regular connects with with his ne: Solutions to undertake other tasks for him through our Personal Concierge solution.

If you are in a position where you need to handle a deceased estate and you don’t know where to begin.

Contact our Lifestyle Change team and let us handle everything for you, personally.