Dr Seuss

Just a few words – still means the world to us!

Downsizing to a new lifestyle can be a stressful and emotional journey for our elderly clients.

So as Senior Move Managers, we don’t push to ask for a video testimonial; because more often than not the response is “I hate having my photo taken, let alone a video” – “Oh you don’t want to have me on your web page”.

But when we do manage to coax an elder into the world of videoing using a phone, the gushing, thanks and praise we receive in person is often not captured.

We don’t mind, because we are already thankful to have had them as a wonderful client, and happy that we have settled them in, with little or no stress; and we know that what they say on camera – is normally 10 fold in real life.

Receiving their thanks in person with hugs and love, makes our world brighter and happier.

Thank you John!

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