You’ve probably already guessed from the title – what this Elixir post is about.  More often than not when we book a tradie for ourselves (or clients) their time of possible arrival can be estimated from a 2 hour to a 5 hour window, or god forbid an 8 hour working day.

So last week I booked a Gas Heater guy to come and service ours as it’s turned cold and I didn’t  exactly feel comfortable about lighting that baby up without reassurance I wasn’t going to get gassed or blown up (a bit extreme but you never know!).

They were able to come on Thursday and said they would be with me between 8am and 1pm.  Whowsar! (2/10 customer service)

Now I’m one of the lucky ones and can actually do work from home, even though I ensured it was a productive time working on the business – it still meant it was an inconvenience by having the whole period (and a little extra just in case) blocked out and unable to have it available to work in the business.

At 12.10pm I received a message to say that ‘John’ was going to be with me in 20 minutes – to which surprisingly enough he was – and I thank GPS that he was able to know that information down to the exact time – but grateful that he rang so I didn’t curse him for not turning up – which can happen! (8/10 customer service)

Luckily the heater only needed a service and was ‘John’ was out of here by 1pm, during that time he was very pleasant and well presented, talkative but not too much and gave a magnet for ease of access to his number if there were any problems in the future. (10/10 customer service).

Here at NE: Solutions, we know that not everyone has the ability to work from home. So what do you do if you need someone to be at home to let a tradesperson in so they can do their work, and you can’t be there?

Well we can be there for you of course.


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Written by Jay Shaw


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