Living in a share house has its ups and its downs – especially if you’re slightly OCD (like me) when it comes to a clean and tidy house!

I thoroughly enjoy the company of my housemates – who are my dear friends – but I find myself spending a lot of time tidying and cleaning up. Don’t get me wrong, they do their share of the housework however, it’s never up to my high standards….I can’t even stand seeing a teaspoon in the sink!

Most people set aside a day to undertake their housework, however, when the day comes around, everything just seems like hard work.

There is ample research that says that if you have a tidy house, you have a tidy mind. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes in every aspect of your life be it quality of sleep, memory, health and relationships. Think about it, the more mess we have, the more we can procrastinate which can lead to major stresses in your life.

So how can you start to make a difference?

1) Don’t try and do everything in one go, especially if you haven’t done much cleaning / tidying as perhaps you should have. Tackle one room or area at a time. As much as we like to think we are, we’re not Superman!

2) Visualise how you want a room / area to look – this will give you a goal to work towards

3) Clean as you go – whether it’s washing up a glass after use, or cleaning cutlery / utensils whilst preparing a meal.

4) See something on the floor or spilt on a surface – pick / wipe it up!

5) Make sure everything has a place – Shoes used to be a nightmare and scattered across my house….until we turned a wine-rack into a shoe-rack and housed it next to the front door!

6) Have two separate bins – one for general waste and one for recycling.

7) If you haven’t used / worn something for 6 months, the likelihood is, you won’t again, so be ruthless and throw it away of give to charity.
Just by utilising these hints and tips, not only will you reap the benefits from a cleaner, tidier home but you will also unknowingly burn off some calories – did you know that approximately 90 calories are burnt for every 30 minutes of vacuuming!


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