Let’s face it, spring cleaning isn’t a job we look forward to. It’s hard enough giving the house a lick and a promise, but sooner or later, you’ll look around and can’t bear it any longer!

I’ve been known to completely change a room around at 9pm, it needed cleaning, and then I was bored of how it looked! Yes my neighbours loved me!

Don’t be daunted by it, no matter how big the task:

1. Many hands make light work… It’s true.
a. Why not rustle up some family and friends to give you a hand. If you don’t have anyone available, and it’s too much for you, connect with your Personal Concierge at ne: Solutions to support you. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty!

2. De-cluttering.
a. Going room to room, dispose of any accumulated rubbish, broken items etc.
b. Go through the fridge, check for any old, perished food and dispose of it.
c. Same with the food cupboards, have a look at the use-by dates. Don’t risk your health by consuming out of date items.
d. Check the medicine cupboard. Any pills that you don’t use anymore, or are expired, take to your local pharmacy and they will dispose of them safely.
e. Household cleaning items should be put together, out of reach of little hands.

3. Start at the top and work your way down.
a. Change the batteries in the smoke detectors. If you are not able to use a ladder, ask somebody to help you.
b. Replace lightbulbs that have blown and you’ve not got around to changing.
c. If you live in a 2 or 3 story premise, why not start at the top of the house and work down, that way you don’t dirty the clean bits.

4. Tackle the piles.
a. Don’t be overwhelmed by that big pile of laundry waiting to be put away, or the stack of paperwork you need to file. Take them on one job at a time:
i. Fold, stack, put away.
ii. Sort, stack, file.

5. The homeward straight.
a. Now that you’ve sorted and put items away, its time to get out the cleaning equipment and get the place gleaming:
i. Clean the windows – inside for now, outside can be done another day
ii. Use a damp cloth to get marks off the walls
iii. Wipe the sideboards, benches and clean the sinks
iv. Wash down the cupboard doors, especially in the kitchen, you’ll be surprised how grubby they can get!
v. Clean the toilet/s, don’t forget behind the basin!
vi. Vacuum the lounge suite and all floors, getting into the corners of the rooms
vii. Last but not least, mop the floors!

Or if all that seems to be too much to do in one go, pick a room, a bookshelf, a drawer or cupboard and tackle that item. Then make a commitment to work on another tiny area another time.
As Lao Tzu said “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” just take the first step and you will have a spotless place in no time at all.


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