What’s the worst thing you’ve done with your mobile?

Accidently sent a cheeky text to the boss instead of a loved one? That would be pretty high on the list of things not to do, however you can always apologise to the boss – and hope they have a sense of humour!

But what if you’ve dropped it in the sink, toilet or pool? Or spilt drink over it?
We’ve either done it, or know of someone that has!

I drowned my when I was pulled into the ocean at Fremantle. I was holding onto our boat – after taking it off the trailer – and then suddenly got dragged away by a wave.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I wish I knew this information back then!!

So what can you do to minimise the risk of data loss?

1. Don’t panic!
2. Take a deep breath and plunge your hand in and grab your mobile. The longer you leave it, the bigger the danger of eternal damage.
3. Don’t press the buttons. This can cause the liquid to shift around.
4. Take out the battery, (unless sealed unit like Iphone), and set aside. This can stop the phone short-circuiting with the power still on.
– If you do have a sealed battery unit phone, you need to close it down quickly.
5. Take off the cover.
6. Extract the SIM and SD cards.
7. Leave your phone apart for as possible – for ventilation.
8. Place on a towel and carefully pat dry.
– There is still liquid inside, so do not move it about too much.
9. If you’re at home (or when your return home) head to the pantry and grab some raw rice – any form.
10. Place your phone into an airtight container, cover with the rice – top and bottom – and place the lid on.
11. Leave it for 48 hours. This will allow the rice to draw out the moisture from your phone.
12. After 48 hours, replace the battery, keep everything crossed, and it should start it up!

We have tried this on phones and Ipods – It works in most cases. However, your phone doesn’t turn back on, you’re one of the unlucky ones and will have to get a replacement.

What you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t go to your provider, say ‘it’s broken’ and try and get a new phone. Inside the phone is litmus paper, which will let them know your phone went for a swim.
2. Don’t completely dismantle your phone – This will void your warranty.
3. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry the insides – It will get too hot and the steam won’t be able to disburse.
4. Don’t try using a microwave to dry it either. You’ll just end up with a great light show and will possibly need to purchase a new microwave as well as a phone.
5. Don’t put the phone in the freezer – Obviously the water will freeze, but once thawed, you’re back in the same boat (no pun intended!).

If you are going to be around water a lot it would be worth purchasing a waterproof container, but if you’re only out and about occasionally near water, put your phone in a safe place, not your back pocket!


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Written by Deb Reynolds

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