In the words of Woody Allen

“I am going to live forever, and so far it’s working”

If 74 is the new middle age, those people who are thinking about retiring at the young age of 55 are the equivalent of the 20 something’s we all used to be. Remember those days when we were just starting out? School was a dim memory, university was in full swing for those heading to higher education and travel was a big draw card for those not wanting to step straight onto the rungs of the property and corporate ladders. Those were the days.

Now with a lifetime of experience on our resume’s, houses bought and sold, and families who have been raised and have now left to begin their own journeys,  more often than not we are left wondering what’s next.

Well, if 74 is the new middle age, we’ve got a lot to consider as our “20 something” selves start thinking about what to do with the next phase of our lives.

Lock and leave: Travel appears to be the biggest drawcard for those with the time and the means to do so. Don’t forget to make sure someone you trust knows where you are going, and can look after the property while you are away. Nothing says I’m on holiday more than newspapers and mail in the letterbox, and darkened windows. You can of course organise house and pet sitters if you would like to have additional peace of mind while you are travelling.

Men’s Sheds: Sorry ladies, but this one is for the males in our lives. Do you have a particular skill you can share? Or do you have a desire to learn a new skill. There are men’s sheds across the country and always looking for new members to join them.

Red Hat: And gents this one is for the ladies. Would you also like to join a group of like minded people for fun and activities? There is probably a chapter near you.

Volunteering: Do you have spare time? It’s a serious question, not everyone does, even for those who are retired. But many organisations desperately need volunteers if you have spare time and would like to gift a little of it to a group of people that mean a lot to you.

Part time work: You don’t have to retire if you don’t want to. We know many people who enjoy what they do and are continuing to do it – granted, sometimes on a part-time basis. But think of part time as mentoring the next generation. Everyone wins.

Lifestyle villages: This one is interesting, if you are thinking about downsizing away from the family home. You get all the benefits of leisure facilities without having to do the maintenance yourselves. With a community of people around you, and if you are feeling a little isolated staying in the family home, we can join other people just like ourselves.

These are just a few of the options open to us as we move into our middle age and beyond. So the question is – what do you want to do when you grow up?


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