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We hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and are feeling relaxed and ready to go for the 4 day week ahead.

To start your week, here’s our third tip on ‘Productive Office Rules To Live By’….

Tip 3: Plan Every Hour of Your Day

A key part of staying both productive and organised in the work place is simply to plan your day accordingly – this will see you breeze through your day in a positive, productive manner, ensuring all your tasks get done.

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  • Write down exactly what needs to be done for the day ahead – don’t overwhelm yourself with an endless to-do-list – and make deadlines realistic. Review your list throughout the day, mark off tasks which have been completed and make time adjustments if / where necessary.
  • Use the tools that are available to you. If you use Outlook, ensure you are using the ‘flagging’ function so emails stand out and set ‘follow ups’ to remind yourself – or a team member – that actions are required. Also utilise ‘Tasks’ – these can be set to yourself or a team member.
  • Time Manage the day – Use the morning to get the most important tasks – and the ones you procrastinate over – done. You will feel a sense of relief for the day ahead and more able to focus. Review your calendar and ensure you have everything available for forthcoming meetings.
  • Finally, remember to take a break and have a lunch break! Stepping away from your computer screen and getting some fresh air will keep your alert, maintain your energy levels and most of all, will look after your eyes and mental health.


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