Balancing Time

Yes, it’s Monday again!

Last week we announced that for the next 5 weeks, we would be sharing our tricks on how to be efficient and productive in the workplace – we hope you found it helpful?

So now, it’s time for Tip 2…..

Tip 2: Staying Focused

We all know how easy it is to be distracted by incoming emails, text messages and telephone calls…

Productive workers make a habit of methodically prioritising their workload and time managing their schedule – setting aside uninterrupted time to focus and complete important tasks.

ne: Solution

  • Avoid all distractions by turning off your phone and emails – or set to silent – this also goes for checking social media, news websites or any other potential distractions. Create a soothing, calm atmosphere with good lighting so you can focus on the task in-hand.
  • Multi-tasking isn’t always the answer, it can cause confusion, tiredness and this is where mistakes can happen. Referring back to last weeks ‘Rule 1’, make a ‘to-do list’ in priority order and work your way through them.
  • 20% of our work contributes to 80% of its value. Identify what that 20% is and make that your focus – everything else can wait.
  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’! It’s easy to take on more work than you can physically manage in order to please everyone. If you feel as though you won’t have time, tell them, or suggest ‘pushing back’ the deadline – manage their expectations. If you have the resources, delegate tasks to others – it will save you time, energy and stress, enabling you to focus on the high priority tasks.

Due to the long Easter weekend, next week’s Tip will be published on Tuesday 07th April 2015.


Happy 4 day week!


If you have any feedback from last weeks or this week’s tip, please let us know – we appreciate all feedback and experiences.


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