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Happy Monday Morning All!!

Dreading the week and heavy workload ahead? Fed up of slogging through the work day and disappearing under a mountain of tasks?

Over the next 5 weeks, we shall be sharing tricks on how to be more efficient and productive in the work place, maintain a breezy and calm demeanor – and be that person in the office that everyone wants to hate, but really envy’s!

Tip 1: Organising Your Work Area

It may sound obvious, but keeping your working area organised and clean is a priority!
Walking in Monday morning and finding your desk overflowing with sticky notes, dirty mugs, piles of paperwork and other ‘debris’, will not only dishearten you, but sets you up for the day ahead – lost and chaotic.

Ne: Solution
Ensuring your area is clean and tidy will focus you from the moment you walk in the door, to the moment you leave!

1) Organise your paperwork into piles or create in-trays, put all stationary away, remove unwanted clutter i.e. cups, glasses, plates, throw away rubbish, write up sticky notes on a ‘to-do’ list or in a diary. Keep only what is essential: Laptop, phone, diary, note book.
Get into the habit of leaving a clean and tidy at the end of each day, ready for next.

2) Set aside 10 minutes every day to file away paperwork and sort through post so it doesn’t pile up. Label folders, drawers and plastic wallets to remind yourself where everything is.

3) Pay attention to your work area as a whole: Make sure you are sitting in a relaxed – yet upright – posture, with your feet flat firmly on the floor (use a foot stool if required). Your chair should be adjustable and support your normal spinal curvature. Your eyes should land in the middle of the screen (use a screen raiser or firm box to elevate your screen) – Ensure you take breaks away from screen to give your eyes a rest.
Clean around and under your working area – remove unnecessary bags, wayward shoes and empty bins.

Finally, ensure you always have a large glass water on your desk to keep hydrated – this will keep you focused, avoid snacking and headaches as well as the obviously health benefits!


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