So, we’re back to a full working week!

Here is your 4th tip of ‘Productive Office Rules To Live By’……

Tip 4: Speak Up and Pitch In

If life has taught us anything, it’s not to blend into the background. Productivity – not only for you, but the rest of the team – comes from having discussions, sharing ideas and discussing what, and will not work.

Don’t worry about your ideas being ‘shot down’, communication is about creating ideas, generating conversation and working together. You never know, you could be hiding away the answer to a problem or may have the ‘next big idea’!

ne: Solution

  • Make yourself heard, even if it’s to ask a question or asking someone to embellish a little. If you have an idea, or point to make, start small – it’s a matter of progression so don’t be down-hearted if your point isn’t always received, it’s the speaking out that counts.
  • Before entering a meeting, ensure you do your research, compile a list of ideas, discussions points, and any areas you need clarification on – never brush them aside as it could be an important area. Having these meetings is your opportunity to get all the facts you need.
  • Listen to what your colleagues are saying and their points of view. If you feel as though an idea won’t work, explain to them fully the reasons why but avoid using jargon, negative terms and keep your criticisms constructive and non-personal.
  • Body language is an important factor on how your colleagues, clients and employers read you. To remain confident (even if you’re not), maintain eye contact, keep a relaxed and open posture (don’t fold your arms), don’t fidget or use “comfort gestures” – such as playing with pens or your hair – and finally, remember to smile.
  • Don’t be afraid to make small talk – even if you don’t know them. If you’re in a lift, at a canteen table or networking with strangers engage with them – this is a great way to get yourself noticed in and out of the business, build your profile and most importantly, build your confidence.

Being Productive doesn’t mean you have to shout from the roof tops, just slowly but surely building confidence in yourself – voicing small ideas and points can get you a long way!


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