brain storming

My education was through the University of (Middle East) Life; and I know that I have been a better student in this University than I ever was at school.

You see, how I like to learn is through listening, watching, creating and reproducing what I have learnt immediately.  The lessons are made so much easier when my ‘teachers’ are amazingly fascinating people and who astound me with what they teach.  Now with any ‘school’ you have really great teachers and not so good teachers, but then there are those that are with you for the rest of your life.  Similar to the Maurice Schwarz of this world (from “Tuesdays’ with Morrie”) a book I just read and whow – another life lesson learnt there too.

So imagine my delight when I found that the fabulous Fleur Allen had managed to persuade Rossco Paddison to join the Out of the Business Box (OOTBB) Professional Development evening to present ‘Grow Rich and Serve Humanity’.

If you haven’t heard of Rossco (which I admit I hadn’t until that evening) – then I would highly recommend you go to the Heart Centred Money Makers web page and have a look to just gain a glimpse at this amazing business.

Because as Rossco spoke – I listened (not something I did at school) – the fireworks were exploding in my head and you could feel the energy was in the room, as my fellow OOTBB members, guests and I just soaked up every word, question and thought.  Rossco’s simple yet thought provoking talk certainly goes to top 10 of my life knowledge lessons.

If you have a passion and want to personally develop yourself – make sure to find the best way you can study – whether it’s academically, visually or through life – but take as many lessons as you can and grow.  BUT – make sure you have fun doing it also!

Will I share my new found knowledge and visions that have been popping in my head since that day ….you know what, I just might…. Watch this space!


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