Lifestyle Change – Property Services

NE Solutions property services cross our business support, lifestyle changes and personal concierge solutions. We can provide a range of assistance from getting your house ready for market through garden clean ups, decluttering and junk removal. We recommend you begin your journey with the unique ne: solutions Map The Way 90 minute discussion, which can shape and simplify the route you wish to take. Unsure if the Map the Way is the best way to go, please contact us to book a 15 minute discussion.

If you have ne kind of problem with your property, we can find a solution that suits your requirements as we have done for the following clients:


The Situation: Business Owner – Self Managed Property

Ms V runs her own very demanding business, and although she had tenants ready to rent out her investment  property, Ms V was running out of time to make sure all the paperwork was ready for their move-in day.

The Solution: Property Services – Condition Report  

After chatting with the NE Solutions team Ms V booked a Property Inspection Report.

  • Using the Department of Commerce Property Condition Report Form – the ne team member went through each room and made notes of any damage and the fixtures that were staying.
  • This included photos of the damage, including wear and tear, and general ones.
  • Photograph numbers were recorded in the report where damage was logged.
  • The report was printed out in duplicate along with the aforementioned photos.
  • The balance of photos taken, have been kept on file for future reference.

As per the Property Inspection Report requirements, Ms V gave both copies to the tenant to check/sign off and return one copy within 7 days, for her records.

The new tenants moved in, signed and returned the Property Condition Report and Ms V didn’t lose any valuable business time.


The Situation: Rental property inspections

Chris lived over East and was transferring to a new job in Western Australia, but he didn’t have any friends or family based in Perth.

So searching for rental accommodation was proving extremely difficult, especially when the Property Agents were asking that he or a friend would have to personally collect the application, only at the property viewing.

Chris was becoming desperate, with his arrival and new job start date looming – especially when it was at the height of the scarce availability of rental properties in the WA market, and 50 + applications were being submitted at a time.

So he found ne: and sent an online connect form, and when it was received we knew that time was of the essence.

The Solution:

We immediately telephoned Chris to ask some key questions to his situation, such as; date of arrival, budget, areas he was looking at or wish to consider, possible properties that he may have located and dates of viewing if he knew.  He provided the relevant inspection times/location, and we dispatched a Personal Concierge to view and report back with photos and personal feedback, whilst collecting an application form.

Sometimes many other applicants were viewing the property also, so the Personal Concierge felt it was prudent to telephone Chris and discuss in more detail, if she felt the property was particularly suitable.  This meant that Chris could make an informed decision and enable the quick submission of an application with deposit straight after the viewing, and hopefully secure him a residence.

After three property viewings and two applications, Chris secured a rental property with ne: assistance, and has happily moved over to WA and enjoying his new job.


The Situation: Property inspection and liaising with contractors

Denny has an investment rental property, which was recently vacated by a non-paying tenant.  The property had been damaged, needed new locks and was in need of cleaning.  Denny still wanted to manage the property herself, however, due to fact she was also moving house, as well as running a business, she simply did not have the time and it had affected her health in the past with the stress.

When Denny spoke to ne: about how we could provide a solution, we advised that having a Personal Concierge to undertake all the running around, calling up of third parties and meeting them at the property would give her time back to concentrate on more important things.

The Solution:

A Personal Concierge met Denny at the premises to go through a ‘property inspection’, take relevant photos and instructions on what property services she required.

On returning to the office we immediately arranged with our preferred suppliers; property maintenance, locksmith and vacate cleaners.  Or contacted specialised suppliers, such as the blind company to either provide quotations or attend the property to submit one.

We handled all the communications to and from the suppliers, as well as booking in times for them to attend the property.  Denny’s specific request of a particular door handle replacement, was sourced and purchased by the Personal Concierge, in time for the Property Maintenance to affix it.

Once the property was of a standard that Denny was happy for it to be viewed, we created and uploaded the photos onto Gumtree and organised suitable viewing times, and then forwarded all applications to Denny for processing.

Denny has assigned ne: on an ad-hoc annual package to undertake any further time saving solutions for this property and her second investment property.


ne: always treats a client’s home as if it was our own, so the standards of service from our preferred suppliers needs to be the same as ours – very high.