Small is the new big

Small businesses growing from start-ups in their sole trader’s homes can soon turn into a small business with not much room in the pot for growth. With missed new client phone calls or no time to search for staff to … Continued

Wish lists and wills

If you had to go into a care facility and weren’t able to communicate what belongings you wanted, would your family know what items you couldn’t live without? You hear the stories. Everything is fine; you’re healthy and enjoying life. … Continued

Let it go and get it done

I’m a professional, I run my own business and I’m organised NOW!-   But let me tell you, it’s  not always been this easy, in fact I was so stressed and felt like I was playing continual catch-up.  Let me explain: … Continued

Building a great business begins with you

Who do you do business with? If you are anything like me, it will be people you know, like and trust. If you don’t like the person, it doesn’t matter what the brand is, you will always find an alternative. … Continued

Making a good business great

A business that is doing well looks at more than just the bottom line. Businesses do need to be financially fighting fit, but there is more to a great business than dollars. People matter: Your workforce The people who make … Continued