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I’m English and live in Australia – and no haven’t overdosed on the eggnog!

Unless I’m with our American friends, the fourth Thursday in November is pretty much like any other day.   But when Father Time comes knocking with his scythe on the door of the New Year, that’s when I take time out to be thankful for the past year.

As with the American thanksgiving, I’m very grateful for the bountiful ‘harvest’ that our business has been blessed with throughout the year; and how fortunate I have been to have met and supported our fantastic clients, new and old, whilst sowing the seeds for the next year’s reaping.

I’m truly thankful for all the friends, acquaintances and random people I have shared the journey of the last 365 days with, and belly laugh as I reminisce on some of the strange, weird and wonderful moments that took place.

Definitely I feel blessed and smile at the opportunities to participate in another person’s life; and the memories they have given me, especially if they are no longer with us.

I’m grateful for my health and fantastic supplements that protected me whilst my team were dropping like flies with flu and tummy bugs.

I am truly thankful for our team who amaze me with their devotion and loyalty to ne: Solutions and how they continue to support and go above and beyond for our clients, whilst treating them like their own family.

I’m thankful that my sweet old girl, Mutley, who at 15 (107 in dog years) is still going strong, albeit a little slower, after her major operation earlier this year.  Not forgetting her brother Dastardley who just keeps making me smile at some of the daft things he does.

I’m thankful for Facebook (yes you did read that correctly) and the fact I can laugh at and with my family and friends, and know I have not wasted hours reading about what they have eaten, thought, did, or said throughout the year.  Because it meant I was able to keep my hospitalised mother updated and inform our family far and wide of her progress; and although Ken hates FB, he is still able to share in his children’s lives via my account!

I’m thankful for a lot more, but if I carried on writing it’ll be 2015 already!

Do you take a moment to reflect back and thank Father Time?

If you find yourself struggling to be thankful for times throughout the year, then just maybe the New Year Baby should address a few of life’s responsibilities in 2015.

Whether it’s in your personal or business life or during a significant lifestyle change; remember that you don’t need to struggle to have the freedom of time to make everyone of those 365 days count.

You may wish to consider life-sourcing an area in your life to ne: so we can give you some precious time back.  Then as Father Time begins to knock on your 2016 door, you’ll have many such moments to be truly thankful for and the opportunities made available, and hopefully belly laugh at some of the memories too.

So as the last twelve hours of 2014 tick by, I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy and time saving New Year for 2015.

All the best,



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