With smart phones and the internet of everything, we can watch and respond to whatever is going on around the world in real time – and people are doing so in droves.  I’m sure you’ve seen the instantaneous response to what happened to United Airlines this week – and the memes are still circulating.

We may never have to go through a United meltdown, but little things can and do make a massive difference to the way your business turns out.

Good customer service is essential:

One of the things I was taught very early in my information management career is that you never point and say “it’s over there” and expect the person to immediately see what you are vaguely waving at. We were taught to provide clear directions and if the person was still unsure we took them. We were also advised that when there is a client waiting to be served – you don’t stand and gossip about what you watched on the television while studiously ignoring them. Or worse still, continue your conversation while paying little or no attention to the person you are serving.

Unfortunately I see it all the time and can only assume that basic manners, common sense and on the job training is missing – or the organisation who employs these people don’t care.

“You don’t care – that’s fine, I’ll take my money elsewhere. “

Of course it’s not just face to face interactions we need to be mindful of. Every email, social media post / interaction and telephone conversation we have is being evaluated as well. Which is why we need to:

Respond in a professional manner at all times:

We love spending time with our clients, but a lot of what we do is on the telephone.

What you may now know is that we record the conversation as it happens using a program called NCall which allows us to do many things:

Action: Once the call is complete, we pass on the results of the call to the person who needs to know and / or take appropriate action.

Reporting: We can go back through the call log and provide reports so that clients know how much time we have spent.

Respond: We can also go back through the call log and answer questions and queries that sometimes can come about. Believe me it’s hard to remember a “he said / she said” conversation weeks or months after it occurred, but having it written down makes it much easier to remember the conversation and the context.

We totally understand that people can just be having a bad day, so we never take it personally. As you know, when you are on the telephone, reading an email or trying to work out the hidden meaning of a cryptic social media post … “was that a dig at me…?” especially when you don’t have any sort of body language to help gauge the meaning behind the words, can be very hard. But it is something we always try and remember.

So when someone asks what makes your business different, it’s easy for us to say:

For us it’s all about providing excellent customer service and if you would like to experience it for yourselves, just call us on 1800 ne solution.

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